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Google Pilots Quality Guidelines Program

Google has started to pilot a new quality program aimed at alerting webmasters when their websites are outside of Google’s guidelines. Matt Cutts, unofficial spokesman for Google, has an article on his blog outlining the new program. The Google Quality Program for lack of a better name is aiming to …

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CNN Uses Google Maps For Hurricane Katrina Coverage

Millions of people outside the United States Gulf Coast have been glued to their television sets watching the Hurricane Katrina coverage. Millions also have turned to CNN as their source for coverage. What has been striking besides the immense devastation and rescue efforts is that CNN, at times, uses Google …

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Microsoft Acquires VoIP Company

VoIP or Voice Over Internet Protocol is a hot new technology for making digital phone calls over the Internet and avoiding charges assigned by your local and long-distance phone companies. Google and Yahoo currently have their mitts in VoIP and now MSN is trying to get elbow deep in the …

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