Feb 272006

Well, the butler did it, or apparently didn’t do it according to Ask. Formerly, AskJeeves.com is now just Ask. Well, just ask, Ask. The butler couldn’t cut the mustard (or Colonel Mustard), so he finally got the ax. Ask, has a whole new cleaner interface now with a fresh new look and a Search Tools sidebar, which introduces their main offerings.

In addition, Ask is axing Teoma as well and will redirect traffic to their ask.com website in the near future. Why is Ask axing for such trouble? Well, it’s a re-branding effort in order to regarded as a serious search contender along with Google, Yahoo and MSN.

Will it work? One has only to ask Ask because Jeeves is no longer available for questioning. But if you ask Ask, you’ll also find it is offering new Maps and Driving Directions, Encyclopedia Search and Web-based Desktop Search.

Will this new re-branding effort actually succeed? If you believe in the “Do Ask Do Tell” philosophy, it most certainly will. The butler didn’t do it. Likely story.

Feb 182006

On the lighter side of things, Search Engine Journal is holding a t-shirt competition with many humorous entries. So far, many of the t-shirt ideas revolve around Google and PageRank as can be expected, but some wander off into other areas as well.

You can also check out my entries, number 56 on the list. This contest is a good example of link bait as many sites like mine will be linking to this contest. This winners will receive a free limited edition t-shirt. If you have a few good ideas, why not join in?