Apr 012006

Ask.com has decided to roll out RhymeRank saying this new technology will help out rappers and poets and lead Ask into head-to-head competition with the major search engines.

According to Ask, “Aspiring rappers and poets are a huge, untapped market,” said lead engineer Keith Hogan. “Someone will win a Grammy one day using this product. Or, at the very least, an Open Mic Night.”

Google, not to be outdone, has rolled out Google Romance featuring Soulmate Search, and Contextual Date, which is the ultimate search for singles wanting to make a connection. When one tries to post their Romance profile, however, he or she receives this error message, “Profile Upload Rejected : You gave it your best shot, but things don’t always turn out how you expected.”

When one tries to bulk upload multiple profiles they receive this error, “Data Capacity Exceeded (Again): That’s just great – once again, the sheer volume of our users’ thirst for our products has exceeded our capacity to quench it, therefore, deja vu, this service is not available at this time (at least not to you).”

Last year Google unveiled the Google Gulp drink and a few years ago they let slip their cutting edge PigeonRank technology.

Yahoo has also decided to get in the game and buy Web 2.0. All of it, that is.

Its good to see big companies who still retain their sense of humor.