Feb 112007

Many people new to blogging wonder just what the benefits are and how this helps SEO. I’m going to give you my short list of benefits.

  • Fresh content – the search engines like fresh content. Why? Because fresh content is a signal that you actively maintain your website, you try to engage visitors and basically care about the content and want to promote quality on the Web.
  • Attract inbound links – many active blogs that have something to say attract unsolicited inbound links. And, as you already know, having quality and quantity of inbound links help to both bring in direct traffic and help raise a web page in the rankings.
  • Internal links – websites in general benefit from internal linking and blogs are no different. Having a quality link structure helps both visitors and search engine robots navigate efficiently and effectively plus they provide some “link juice” to help in the rankings.
  • Repeat visitors – having the same visitors come to your website is a plus for any Web business. It’s a vote of confidence and engagement for your website.
  • Bounce rate – blogs that are engaging lower the bounce rate and increase time on site which are both ranking signals in the search engines.

Like I said, this is a short list of why blogs are beneficial in regard to SEO and your websites’ Internet presence in general. Now, go blog about what I’ve just said!