Feb 252010

Microsoft and Yahoo have done the dirty deal, so to speak, last summer and decided to join forces in search. The Microsoft buyout of Yahoo search means more competition at least according to the U. S. Department of Justice.

Do you trust antitrust? In this case, yes. Not, that Google is some giant “do no evil” monster stumbling around like the Incredible Hunk in a China closet, but when one gets that big, then serious competition is needed in order to give people in general, choices.

Neither Yahoo nor Bing (MSN) has been serious contenders in the past couple of years, which have limited choices for searchers and online advertisers. Google can see the Microsoft Yahoo search alliance as a positive as well.

No more whining about how Google is being unfair by being too good at what they do. Now Microsoft will have access to Yahoo’s vast databases, search technology and brilliant minds that should speed up the competitive process.

But, the problem for Microsoft may in the end, not be technological, but marketing. Surveys have shown that searchers prefer the Google logo and brand to that of either of the other two companies.

Here is some more info about the search alliance between Microsoft and Yahoo that will explain the goals and benefits of such collaboration.