May 192010

Because of a WiFi privacy breach search giant Google has decided to start encrypting data in the coming weeks. The problem was revealed in Ireland as part of the Street View service.

According to the Official Google Blog, “This incident highlights just how publicly accessible open, non-password-protected WiFi networks are today. Earlier this year, we encrypted Gmail for all our users, and next week we will start offering an encrypted version of Google Search. For other services users can check that pages are encrypted by looking to see whether the URL begins with “https”, rather than just “http”; browsers will generally show a lock icon when the connection is secure.”

Google has been encrypting all sorts of data for a while now, including Gmail, Google Calendar and Google Talk to name a few. This privacy and security breach in Ireland was due to a little snippet of code that a programmer put in back in 2006, when Street View was first being tested.

At least now there is a solution and the world’s largest search engine is moving quickly not only to correct this problem but to offer a more private experience in search in general.