Jun 172010

If over the past few months you’ve noticed your social news, press releases and local listings lagging, you probably thought that Google was asleep at the wheel. The world’s most used search engine has officially rolled out the Google Caffeine update.

According to Google, however, this update is not an algorithm change. Caffeine is able to find, index and rank newsworthy pages plus other new pages more quickly than before. Non-competitive pages that a person had to wait weeks to show up in the rankings before are now fast-tracked through the system at a much faster pace.

The Mountain View, CA search giant says that this architectural change is basically in the crawling and handling of data. There is not as much “page chewing” as before as the new “decision engine” (sorry Bing) has decided on fast digestion of data and delivery of results.

Google Caffeine will not only be a wakeup call to website owners but to the other search engines (you know who you are) that are struggling to deliver results in a timely manner.