Sep 022010

Nobody likes moving day especially me. But, that’s what it is if you have Yahoo Ads running and you want to (or not) port them over to the Microsoft Bing AdCenter Interface. We knew it was coming.

Microsoft announced several months back that this would be happening and to their credit they are giving us until the end of October to make the switch, which is plenty of time.

According to the email I received:

• If you already have a Yahoo! Search Marketing account: Sign in to your Yahoo! Search Marketing account, and click the adCenter tab to begin transitioning your campaigns into adCenter.
• If you don’t have a Yahoo! Search Marketing account: Prepare your campaigns for Yahoo! Search and Bing. Use Microsoft Advertising Intelligence to update your keyword list based on the actual queries that searchers are using on Bing, and tailor your bidding strategies by looking at performance indicators like clicks, impressions, position, click-through rate, and cost per click.

Now, however if you don’t currently have any ads running in Yahoo and already have a Microsoft Adcenter account setup, you’re in business. Microsoft is doing this before the holiday season which is a bonus as advertisers won’t want the headache (and potential lost revenue) of making a move during the holidays.

As a backup (or back out) plan Microsoft says that if the transition does not go as planned they will delay full integration until January 2011.