Sep 012011

On September 22, 2011 two of the largest brand names on the Internet and in television will be presenting the Republican debates. Fox News will be holding the debates in Orlando, Florida and will be assisted by Google’s property Youtube.

Youtube and CNN had teamed up in the past for presidential debates but there were problems with the format. The problem was that CNN producers hand-picked many of the questions for the debate and were criticized widely for their choices.

Some of the choices were silly questions posed to Hillary Clinton or a talking snowman named Billiam on Youtube asking questions which took away from the gravity and credibility of the format. This time around things will be a bit different but could be just as interesting.

Through the Fox Youtube channel, people will be able to vote up questions that they want to be asked during the debate. This democratic and social process may be more palatable to not only the candidates who had done their fair share of complaining but the audience in general, since this an audience participation format without the interference (presumably) from the staff at Fox News.

So, if you want to produce a video question that has the potential to go viral if shown during the debates, now is the time to start planning.