Nov 262012

Is this another iteration of the Ghosts of Google past? In November 2003, the Florida update had online merchants and SEO’s reeling right before Christmas time. Winners and losers made a lot of noise during the holiday season that year.

But, the burning question is could there be another Google update upon us this Cyber Monday the shake on the holidays once again? Several online sources say yea.

For instance at Search Engine Land, Barry Schwartz says, “We’ve been hearing reports from within the SEO community that a significant Google update happened starting this past Friday throughout the weekend. Google tells us there was no Panda update over the weekend but is not confirming or denying if there was another type of update over the weekend.”

And at the David Naylor blog, Alex Graves says, “Website owners across the world were reporting that they had seen dramatic movements within the search engines over the weekend, some seeing sites plummet deep into the darkest corners of the search ranking spectrum …”

What is event as of this writing is that there has been a shakeup in website traffic. What is still unknown however is whether this there has been a Google Panda, Penguin or another algorithmic change. Google is mum right now, so the speculation will most likely continue in the near future as to the nature of this latest tremor.


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