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SEO Is Dead – Not

Sometimes SEO’s like myself get tired of hearing (for the past 10 years or so) that SEO is dead and that something else will take its place. Well, SEO is not dead, just evolving.

Brad Miller at Search Engine Watch has a good take on how SEO is evolving by way of Search Marketing Integration.

Mr. Miller says, “Over the last few years the changes to search algorithms and user behavior on the Internet have made “old” SEO almost redundant. It’s even gotten to the stage where any so-called “SEO” who’s still using the same techniques from 5 years ago will actually be doing more harm than good. These days, search engines and consumers want quality, engagement, and social proof.”

Unlike in the old days, SEO’s now have to pay attention to other areas such as social media, branding, PR, SEM, and perhaps even video marketing.

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