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I am the owner and hands on search engine optimization guru behind SEO First.

Google Says 2 New Ranking Factors You Need to Know

I will keep this short and sweet. Google has publicly stated that there are 2 new ranking factors in its search algorithm soon that all webmasters and marketers need to know. The first one, according to Google, “Starting April 21, we will be expanding our use of mobile-friendliness as a ...

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NAP Inconsistencies Cause Sleepless Nights for Local SEO

Consistent NAP (or name, address and phone number) entries are vital for SEO of local businesses. Inconsistent NAP’s in local directories across the web can cause lower rankings for local searches. On July 24, 2014 Google rolled out their Pigeon Update (not to be confused with the April Fool’s joke ...

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Google Contributor Program Blocks Ads and Pays Publishers

Google has recently rolled out its beta Contributor program as a test targeted toward about 10 websites. Contributor lets a select group of website visitors block Google ads for $1, $2 or $3 per month with the lion’s share of this going to the website publishers. According to Wired, “The ...

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Google Penguin 3 Refresh Still Rolling Out

Google is calling their latest Penguin 3.0 release an algorithm refresh rather than an update. According to Google they didn’t add any new signals to the algorithm but rather cleaned up some old issues from Penguin 2.0. Google broke the story through Search Engine Land that this worldwide rollout had ...

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Yahoo Fires Its Own Directory

Yahoo started as a directory in 1994 and since has evolved into much more. After 20 years of service, however, Yahoo has decided to hand its own directory walking papers. Because of competition from Google and decreased demand for what its directory has to offer users, Marissa Mayer has decided ...

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Google Fights Their Own SharkFest

This week is SharkFest on the National Geographic TV channel and appropriately enough Google has entered into their own battle with real, live sharks. Fiber optic cables, which transmit data across the Pacific Ocean, have been the object of recent shark attacks. One theory is that the sharks are mistaking ...

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Right to Be Forgotten 74 Percent Say Yes

In May 2014 the European Union declared that its citizens have the right to be forgotten. In other words, many of these citizens don’t want to appear in the search results. So, how about in the U. S.? According to a recent survey on Survey Monkey, 74-percent of adults in ...

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