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Bing, Bang, Boom! Discover Hiking Trails Near You

The team at search engine Bing has decided that, since summer is approaching, now would be a good time to show outdoor activities such as hiking trails and camping spots at the top of the search results.

I conducted a search for “hiking trails near me” in Bing and the results are in the image below.

According to Bing, “Hikers often face the dilemma of which hike to choose. Now, the Bing team is delivering a solution which helps you search for the perfect answer. It lets you explore hikes near you and then filter them by difficulty level, length, elevation gain, and more, so you can choose the right one.”

Bing will now also help you find camping sites and RV parks near you as well as how to get to national parks.

The Bing searches may be conducted on desktops, laptops or whatever mobile device you choose.

So, hike right over to Bing and get your search on, now!






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