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Old Photo Brea, CA
Old photo of downtown Brea, California – Courtesy Kiwanis


Our company, SEO First, offers full search engine optimization services to the small and medium-size businesses in Brea, California. Our SEO Brea expert services help local firms gain more foot traffic, phone calls, leads and sales. Online marketing is the “new style” of advertising to local customers in Brea, but it hasn’t always been that way. On this page is a short history of development of businesses in Brea, CA.

The city of Brea is located in the foothills of the northernmost part of Orange County, California. “Brea” is the Spanish word for tar, and since this is where tar often seeps out of the hills, the name seemed apt. Pioneers and Indians who lived here in the town’s early history, used chunks of this tar or oil-soaked earth for fuel to heat their homes and waterproof their rooftops.

Union Oil Company bought 1,200 acres of Brea land for oil development, striking it rich in 1898 with their first oil well, which they named Olinda Oil Well #1. This was the start of the oil boom in Brea and Olinda and what paved the way for the flourishing city that Brea has since become.

In 1911, as small businesses and industries emerged to serve the oil industry, their workers and families, the town started taking shape. The town of Brea was officially founded on January 19, 1911 when the town of Randolph’s old map was resubmitted under the new name of Brea. On February 23, 1917, the City of Brea was incorporated, with a population of only 752. The oil boom in Brea lasted well into the 1940s (SEO wasn’t even a glimmer in anyone’s mind at this point).

When oil production began to decline, new businesses and housing developments sprang up over the next thirty years. Brea mall was built in the 1970s and that created a lot more changes, with the city steadily growing throughout the years. New retail malls and industrial parks thrived during the 1970s and 1980s after the Orange (57) freeway opened. Brea was now strategically located right in the middle of Southern California, bringing even more businesses.

Brea is now thriving, with a population that’s grown to 40,377. The city attracts over 100,000 visitors every single day, for work, shopping or recreation. Brea Mall is just off the 57 Freeway exit and has 4 major department stores as anchors: JC Penney, Macy’s, Nordstrom and Sears. There are another 175+ specialty retail stores, a large number of restaurants and the popular Glen Ivy Day Spa.

Birch Street, Brea, CA 2017
Birch Street, Brea, CA 2017 – Copyright © 2017 SEO First


Brea’s downtown area is commonly known as “Birch Street” (see above photo) and has more than 50 acres of entertainment and places to shop. This is an integral part of life in Brea, for which the city is very proud. It’s been developed as a village-style pedestrian promenade where there is something for everyone: Edwards Stadium Cinema Complex, the Improv Comedy Club, Old Navy, Taps Fish House & Brewery, The Yardhouse, and much more.

Other specialty retail and service centers include Brea Gateway Shopping Center, Brea Marketplace, East Imperial Center and Union Plaza and give residents many options. All of this provides ample justifications for residents to “Shop Brea” to keep tax dollars flowing close to home.

Imperial Highway and Brea Boulevard are both considered retail corridors and have quite a number of small community shopping centers located conveniently for the neighborhood residents living close by.

City Hall Park, which is located on busy Brea Boulevard hosts a well attended Concerts in the Park series during the summer months, as well as the yearly July 4th County Fair. It also has a large community lounge for everyone’s enjoyment.

Imperial Highway and Brea Boulevard are both considered retail corridors and have quite a number of small community shopping centers located conveniently for the neighborhood residents living close by.

Postcard Brea, CA in the 1950s
Postcard Brea, CA in the 1950s


So, you can see by the history of Brea that it has grown into a consumer-driven town. As such, businesses have needed to find new ways to connect with customers. Brea SEO is one of those ways in that it connects people from their personal computers, laptops, tablets and mobile phones to local businesses offering the goods and services they want and need. Contact SEO First today to see how we can help you achieve your online marketing goals!

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