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Buena Park, CA Entrance
Buena Park, CA Entrance – Copyright © 2017 SEO First


There are a variety of Buena Park SEO companies but very few actually have a special focus in search engine optimization. You need far more than a fundamental understanding of SEO to implement all the elements needed to generate viable leads for your business. Our team at SEO First knows how critically important it is to not only have a great looking website but one that can be found on the search engines.

This is why so many Orange County, California small businesses use us to not only design their websites, but to also handle their SEO and other online marketing initiatives. In the competitive world of today, Buena Park, CA companies realize that SEO is not something you can just do “on the fly.” In order to achieve top rankings in Google, a website must have all the elements in place to be regarded as the most relevant for a particular keyword or keyword search phrase. For this, you need experts in SEO.

Buena Park, CA small businesses
Buena Park, CA small businesses that need SEO – Copyright © 2017 SEO First


For SEO First to continue our track record as a top SEO company we have compiled a team of highly skilled SEO specialists, online marketing pros, extremely talented web designers and graphic artists. What makes our SEO team stand out is their in-depth knowledge of how the major search engines work and these include Google, Yahoo, Bing and more. The search engines are constantly changing their algorithms so the key is being able to stay on top of these changes. Tremendous research goes into determining which keywords are the most effective and optimizing the website accordingly.  An effective marketing campaign is also imperative.

Our graphic design team creates the visual style of our clients’ websites, which includes the icons, company logo, web banners, layout and more. Our SEO team is charged with the task of incorporating the website elements and off-site links that will get your website top rankings in order to drive traffic and generate new business (yes, advertising has come a long way since the small businesses in Buena Park pictured below!).

Buena Park, CA business district in 1910
Buena Park, CA business district in 1910 – Courtesy OCHistoricals.com


The role our search specialists play is far different than the one our web designers and graphic artists play. Our SEO team does the hard work of optimizing each web page so that they individually “convince” the search engines that they are the most relevant and therefore, deserve the traffic. Because the Internet is so competitive it takes a unique kind of expertise to beat the competition at this game. This is the expertise that SEO First offers.

The first thing we do in starting a project is to learn everything we can about our client’s business. We have them fill out a questionnaire asking about their business objectives, how they visualize their new website, who their target audience is, what marketing campaigns they’ve been using, what message they want their content to convey and more. We may even sit down with some key staffers to gain further insight into the company and whom they see as their stiffest competition.

Knott's Berry Farm in Buena Park, CA
Knott’s Berry Farm in Buena Park, CA – Copyright © 2017 SEO First


We then have to research the competition to figure out what it will take to beat them in the rankings (small businesses can’t rely on branding and reputation like Knott’s Berry Farm pictured above). Once we’ve compiled all the information, we as a team come up with an overall online marketing strategy that will get the results our client is looking for.

If you are looking for Buena Park SEO expert services, then you’ve come to the right place. We would be delighted to give you a FREE assessment of your website. Please give SEO First a call today at (657) 500-8656 to find out what we can do for you.