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Thinking Beyond the Google: Future SEO Strategies

Google is still king when it comes to search. This should not come as a surprise considering that the tech giant often dictates and influences SEO rules and strategies. The search giant penalizes websites that violate the rules they set, and they are responsible for developing algorithms that keep webmasters, …

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Top 4 Common WordPress Mistakes that Affect SEO

While WordPress and SEO go well together if done correctly, there are some common pitfalls to avoid after installing WP for the first time. Some of the pitfalls include not using an SEO plug-in, installing too many plug-ins, URLs that are not SEO-friendly and Duplicate Content. Here are more details …

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NAP Inconsistencies Cause Sleepless Nights for Local SEO

Consistent NAP (or name, address and phone number) entries are vital for SEO of local businesses. Inconsistent NAP’s in local directories across the web can cause lower rankings for local searches. On July 24, 2014 Google rolled out their Pigeon Update (not to be confused with the April Fool’s joke …

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Average SEO Services Cost $500 – $1000 per Month

BrightLocal conducted a “Local SEO Industry Survey 2013” and posted it on May 03, 2013 on their blog. The numbers are on one hand enlightening and on the other simply validate what other sources are saying. For instance, when it comes to SEO pricing and costs there is much confusion …

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SEO Is Dead – Not

Sometimes SEO’s like myself get tired of hearing (for the past 10 years or so) that SEO is dead and that something else will take its place. Well, SEO is not dead, just evolving. Brad Miller at Search Engine Watch has a good take on how SEO is evolving by …

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Acting As If the Search Engines Didn’t Exist Is a Mistake

Over the years I’ve heard various people say that you should treat your website as if the search engines didn’t exist. The theory behind this assertion is that you don’t want your website to become search engine dependent or that by some magic the search engines will treat your website …

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Beat the Heat with a Twittering Tweet

As things heat up this Spring heading into Summer so its these tweeting season courtesy Twitter.com. As you know, Myspace and Facebook have their loyal following but there is something about Twitter with its 150 character limit and drive-by, drive-thru mentality that is quite an attraction to many. It’s so …

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Powerset Semantic Search of Interest to Microsoft

There is an article on CNET that speculates that Microsoft may be interested in acquiring Powerset, which is close to publicly rolling out its semantic search engine. The early reviews of the Powerset semantic search have been favorable. Instead of basing its search results on keyword as Google does, Powerset …

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Optimizing a Web Page for Too Many Keyword Phrases

When a client comes to me complaining of low rankings, one of the first items I check is to see if their homepage or any other page is optimized for too many keyword phrases. The client may have tried to optimize the page themselves, had a friend do it, had …

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