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Offers insight and information about MSN Bing search engine and Microsoft.

Bing Offers Experience Pages for Election 2016

Maybe you already have your eye on a certain political candidate but want to learn more about him or her. Or perhaps you’re not so familiar with the 2016 candidates and would like to know which ones have the same principles and viewpoints as you. Either way, you’ll certainly love …

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Bing Predictions Rolls Out for TV Contests

Microsoft has just rolled out an interesting feature called “Bing Predictions,” which will predict the outcomes of TV shows like American Idol, The Voice and Dancing with the Stars. Now, what makes this interesting to me is the technology behind these prognostications. According to Bing, “The central idea behind the …

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Moving Day for Yahoo Ad to Bing AdCenter

Nobody likes moving day especially me. But, that’s what it is if you have Yahoo Ads running and you want to (or not) port them over to the Microsoft Bing AdCenter Interface. We knew it was coming. Microsoft announced several months back that this would be happening and to their …

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Bing Rising in Search and Shopping

Since Microsoft’s revamped MSN search, now named Bing, was launched in June 2009, the search engine has slowly gained market share in search and shopping. For several years now, MSN search has hung around the 5-percent market share point, with Yahoo over 20-percent and Google between 60 – 70 percent. …

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Microsoft Acquires VoIP Company

VoIP or Voice Over Internet Protocol is a hot new technology for making digital phone calls over the Internet and avoiding charges assigned by your local and long-distance phone companies. Google and Yahoo currently have their mitts in VoIP and now MSN is trying to get elbow deep in the …

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MSN To Be As Relevant As Google In 6 Months

Microsoft’s CEO Steve Ballmer vowed recently that in the next 6 months, MSN Search will serve up results that are as relevant as the Google results. According to an article in ZDNet, Ballmer added that, “Search has more relevance than just the desktop. It’s important for people who search a …

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Microsoft Metro to Markup Adobe PDF

When Microsoft’s long-awaited Longhorn operating system is finally rolled out later this year or early next year it will include a new document format that they have dubbed “Metro.” Metro is based on XML (extensible markup language), and is expected to rival Adobe’s PDF (portable document format). According to Computer …

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MSN Adds Ads, Competes for Marketing Dollars

MSN.com (Microsoft) search engine has recently announced two new programs for courting advertisers. First, according to the Detroit News, Microsoft will be testing its MSN adCenter in France and Singapore within the next 6 months. Currently, MSN serves up sponsored ads on their search results pages which are delivered by …

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Microsoft Unveils New Home Search Utility

Microsoft announced today that it has developed a new home search utility code-named “OpenGates.” Not to be out done by Google and Yahoo! in the desktop search wars, Microsoft has gone one step further. According to vice president of Content Development and Delivery Group (CDDG) at Microsoft, Dick Kaplan, “OpenGates …

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