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Offers information about the Google search engine and company.

Doodle 4 Google Is Back!

  Doodle 4 Google is once again open today. All students K – 12 can submit their artwork on the theme “What I See for the Future …” According to Google, “What does the future look like? Are cities built in the clouds? Is it a place where everyone gets …

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For Older Content Quality Is Still King

There is an adage that “Content Is King” on the Internet. And I’ll add to this adage that quality content is even, uh – king-ier. There has been some confusion regarding the removal of older content from a website in order to please the Google algorithms. Some webmasters believe that …

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The Future of SEO and Google’s Artificial Intelligence

On June 04, 2016 John Rampton of Tech Crunch posted an insightful article concerning Google’s artificial intelligence (AI) and SEO. I’d like to talk about a few key points of this article. AI has already been around for a while on the Internet including Google Translate and now Google’s RankBrain …

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Google Voice Search May Do Away with Traditional Search

Google recently announced that 20-percent of search queries on their Mobile App or on Android devices are voice searches. The percentage of voice searches has been growing since Apple introduced Siri in 2013. And for the past year, the number of voice searches, in general, has been growing rapidly. At …

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Google Has Suspended Your Local Listing – Find Out Why

Google has suspended your local listing and you’re no longer showing up in the Maps section. Now what do you do? The action to take is to analyze the possible causes. Here are 5 reasons your site may have been suspended: You’ve added keywords to business’ official business name Your …

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Another Google Mobile Search Update Imminent

Yesterday, Google announced on their Webmaster Central Blog that they will be rolling out an update in March 2016 for mobile searches. And so, the Mountain View Search Giant once again says that you better have or better get your mobile website in order. According to Google, “Today we’re announcing …

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Google Project Sunroof Connects Home Solar Buyers and Sellers

Google’s Project Sunroof helps consumers who are thinking about buying or leasing rooftop solar panels for their home do a little comparison shopping right inside of Google. Now this may sound like a stretch, but the search giant already helps Googlers compare airfares and compare rates for home repair projects. …

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What You Need to Know about Google’s RankBrain

In an interview with Bloomberg late in October, Google senior research scientist Greg Corrado revealed that a machine-learning artificial intelligence system called RankBrain is helping them process the billions of search queries they receive every day. This isn’t really surprising since many people know that Google has been interested in …

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Googlers Only Need to Search and Request on Home Services Ads

This new Google service, now in beta, was first reported by Buzzfeed.com in April 2015. It has now been confirmed by Search Engine Land. Google Home Service Professionals Ads are now showing up in searches in San Francisco, CA.   What Does This Mean for Local Vendors? For small business …

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