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This category is for some of the smaller and lesser known search engines that don’t make headlines but are still valuable to users. This is also a category to talk about multiple larger search engines as well.

How to Get Blacklisted By the Search Engines

Several years back I wrote an article called “How to Avoid Being Blacklisted by the Search Engines” and it was picked up and republished by a lot of other websites. Now, I think it’s time to update this article a bit with this article that I’m titling “How to Get …

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Birds of a Feather Artificial Intelligence SEO Modeling

Scott Stouffer offers a great read via the Search Engine Journal website about “Using Artificial Intelligence to Solve #SEO”. While it is pretty technical, it allows us a glimpse on the algorithmic scale on whiy SEO is so difficult and what can be done on the search engine level to …

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Is the Heyday of Search Over?

Some people have asked, for the past several years, if the heyday of search is over. And the answer is that for the past 6 months, this apparently has been so. Shareaholic has tracked the organic search traffic to the top 5 search engines from December 2013 through May 2014 …

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DuckDuckGo Nofollowing Searchers

If you’re a search user who doesn’t like being tracked, you could use the Firefox browser with its no tracking privacy option, or you could go to DuckDuckGo and search away. One of the claims to fame of DuckDuckGo is that it doesn’t track people and share their info with …

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Topsy Tweets Are Forever Sleek

Twitter Tweeters soon learn the shortcomings of the search feature in this popular social media destination. Do a few random searches on Twitter and you’ll soon find not what you’re looking for but rather results that are akin to those that may have been served up from one of the …

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Altavista, Hasta La Vista Baby

For those who weren’t into search on the Internet before Google became King, you’ll need to say goodbye and pay homage to a search engine you may have never heard of which is Altavista.com. Sure, Altavista is now powered by Yahoo (or Bing actually) and even in the title bar …

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Post-Apocalyptic Search Engine Unveiled

Google and Microsoft have teamed up to create the first open-source Post-Apocalyptic search engine. The new search engine code named “Bang!” heavily prioritizes results towards the walking dead, cockroaches, preppers and oddly enough Adam Sandler. Bang! took years of preparation and teamwork by the two search giants who are rivals …

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Finding Drug Side Effects Quicker with Search Engines

Okay, so printed dictionaries and encyclopedia are almost ancient with the advent of the Internet. When is the last time you’ve used either? The same goes for the phone book. Search engines, Wikipedia and different spell check software have replaced a lot of print. But what about search engines being …

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Million Short Search Engine Reaches Out to Smaller Websites

There is a new search engine that is catching a lot of eyes recently. It’s called Million Short and it reaches out to smaller websites. The theory behind Million Short is that major search engine rankings are dominated by larger, older websites and thus many smaller, yet quality websites are …

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