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Contains news from multiple search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Bing, Ask and others.

Right to Be Forgotten 74 Percent Say Yes

In May 2014 the European Union declared that its citizens have the right to be forgotten. In other words, many of these citizens don’t want to appear in the search results. So, how about in the U. S.? According to a recent survey on Survey Monkey, 74-percent of adults in …

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Google SEO Predictions for 2014

As 2013 comes to a close, it’s time to review the past and take a peek into the future. A quick year in review will show that Google made several Panda updates, a Penguin update, a Phantom update and finally the grande Hummingbird update. After these, Google would challenge marketers …

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Godaddy Anonymous Blues

There should be a sad song written about this one. Yesterday, Godaddy had a massive Internet outage and the hacker group Anonymous has taken credit for that. Of course at this writing Godaddy hasn’t fully acknowledged the hack attack. They are saying the outage was due to a “…corruption of …

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Microsoft Yahoo Search Alliance for Antitrust You Can Trust

Microsoft and Yahoo have done the dirty deal, so to speak, last summer and decided to join forces in search. The Microsoft buyout of Yahoo search means more competition at least according to the U. S. Department of Justice. Do you trust antitrust? In this case, yes. Not, that Google …

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