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Websites and web design are discussed in relation to the search engines, conversions, usability and SEO.

How to Avoid Screwing Up SEO During Website Migration

    Website migration can be one of the most nerve-wracking experiences for a business owner, web developer and SEO. Some of the typical problems that can occur and all parties would like to avoid include traffic loss, ranking loss and of course loss of sales. Before the migration takes …

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Mobile-Friendly Responsive Design: Google’s Next Ranking Factor

Is your website responsive? That is, its layout changes according to the screen size of the device where it is viewed. If it is not yet mobile-friendly, you might want to make it adaptable to the ever ever-changing usage patterns of online users, which now includes tablets and smartphones. This …

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Responsive Web Design for All of Your Devices

As more and more Web use goes mobile, web design must be responsive to the new needs of users and the companies whose sites they will access. The work is refined quite often, and designers must become adept at the many different preferences their users demand. In addition to companies …

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