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Choosing a Hosting Company

Choosing the right hosting company is a must in achieving top search engine rankings for several reasons. First, you want to choose a reputable company that has 99.9% uptime or better so that when the search engine spiders and robots make it to your website, your website will be up and operating. If you hosting company tends to have a considerable amount of downtime, then these spiders and robots may just visit your website when it is down and not come back to it for weeks.

Some web hosts advertise a guarantee of 99 % uptime or better but this isn’t as good as it sounds. Consider that there are 720 hours in a 30-day month. With 1 % downtime that means your website is not accessible for 7.2 hours, which is not acceptable to me, nor should it be to you.

In the case of selecting a web host, being cheap may cost you more money. It is better to choose a reputable hosting company and pay a little more per month than suffer downtime and lost rankings. Google has made it very clear that one of their ranking factors is site uptime. And another is loading time of a website. So, you’ll not only want a web host that has a high percentage of uptime but one that has fast servers as well.

It is also generally a better idea to purchase your domain name at a different place than you have host your website. Some web hosts will do both, but the problem is if you wish to change hosts some website hosts will charge you a hefty transfer fee for your domain name and may take more time than desirable for the transfer. Having your domain name hosted separately gives you more flexibility.

Free hosts can cost you when it comes to search engine rankings. If you have a company like geocities host your website, most likely your website is called www.geocities.com/yoursite.html or some variation. This is not optimal for two reasons. First, if you exceed your bandwidth for the month, this host will shut down your website and put a fancy little splash screen in place of your website stating you have exceeded your bandwidth.

So, if you website is popular, which most likely is your goal, you will want to spend more money with a fast, reliable host to keep your website up and available to visitors.

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