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Google Image Style Ideas Can Make You Fashionably Late

It’s no news that U. S. retailers continue to struggle with sales while online merchants continue to gain ground. And, to help in the online effort, Google’s Image Search has just rolled out “Style Ideas.”

This handy little feature was rolled into the Google app for Android and mobile web.  Fashionistas will find this a favorable app for comparing and complimenting everything from high heels to halters to handbags.

According to Google, “Image Search is full of pics to help you find inspiration—whether it’s places to travel, items to purchase or shots of your favorite celebs, art and memes. But when it comes to fashion, it’s hard to know where to start. That’s why today, we’re introducing a new feature called “style ideas” in the Google app for Android and mobile web, which will surely help boost your search style IQ. Now while perusing fashion product images, Image Search will surface a grid of inspirational lifestyle images and outfits that showcase how the product can be worn in real life.”

So, if you’re a fashionista who likes to browse clothing while on mobile and on the move, be wary of using Google Image Style Ideas as it can make you a little more than fashionably late.







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