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Google is Getting More Publisher-Friendly with New Policies

Many Google Adsense publishers have been stressed out over the years at the thought of being terminated from the program for invalid clicks. Well, now Google is considering changing some of the policies in order to give trusted publishers the benefit of the doubt.

Google spells out what invalid traffic and click fraud is here.

In Google’s official Inside Adsense Blog, there is post titled “Working better together: Protecting against invalid activity” which calls out some new policies under consideration that will help Adsense publishers from being immediately terminated from the program for suspected invalid clicks or click fraud.

For instance, “tenure” is now being considered as a saving grace for some trusted publishers. These publishers who presumably have a long track record of white hat behavior will be suspended instead of terminated from Adsense for suspected click infractions. And Google hopes in the future to be able to bypass the suspension step by working with publishers more directly on click issues.

Some of the other changes include giving publishers more tools for appeals, providing publishers with more information on the causes of invalid activity, and additional training will be provided to new publishers and refresher training for older publishers.

The steps Google is taking are positive in that they build trust among publishers, advertisers and Google. This is a win-win-win for all parties involved.


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