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Locator Pages Versus Location Pages

On March 24, 2017 Greg Gifford published an insightful article on Search Engine Land, titled, “SMX West session: The definitive guide to local search ranking factors.”

I want to share just one juicy little tidbit from the article that has answered a nagging question for me. And hopefully, you too, dear reader will find some value in this as well.

According to the article: “Location pages don’t cannibalize locators

“They also answered the age-old location page question: Should businesses with multiple locations use a locator or individual location pages? According to their research, there’s no cannibalization.

“Businesses actually ranked better if they included both. In fact, their data showed that businesses with locator pages and locations pages ranked for more terms than businesses with locator pages only.”

Did you get that last part? The recommendation for businesses with multiple locations is to have a website with both locator pages and location pages.

This may seems like a small deal, but it could also be the competitive advantage that some businesses need to leapfrog their competition in the rankings. Hat tip to Greg Gifford.



For the entire article, read this: http://searchengineland.com/smx-west-session-definitive-guide-local-search-ranking-factors-271818



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