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Is the Heyday of Search Over?

Some people have asked, for the past several years, if the heyday of search is over. And the answer is that for the past 6 months, this apparently has been so.

Shareaholic has tracked the organic search traffic to the top 5 search engines from December 2013 through May 2014 and found declines in ALL of them. In fact, the declines have been between 17-percent and 32-percent.

So, what has replaced the search engines? Well, social media (especially Facebook and Pinterest) have been in the driver’s seat in regard to increased traffic quarter over quarter. Twitter is also starting to creep up in delivering traffic.

But, Linkedin and Google + while owning a very small percentage of the traffic pie, tend to drive more engaged users. And this is something that marketers need to be aware of as well.

So, is search dead? No, not dead, it’s just not peaking month after month like it used to do. And social media continues to expand its place at the table.


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