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What to watch out for with some SEO companies

First of all, when you are choosing a search engine optimization company you want to find one that has a website with with well-written and up-to-date information. Use of incorrect English on a website or a website with numerous spelling a grammar errors should give you pause.

Some SEO companies will guarantee that you see significant results within a couple of days for a new website. This is an unrealistic statement that no reputable SEO company would make. Most significant results from search engine optimization will occur in months, not days, for national or international websites with a decent amount of competition. It is possible to rank some local websites with low competition in days / weeks, however.

Some search engines like Google and Bing may index your new website within a few days, but your search engine placement will be in a sort of “holding tank” for a while and may be buried in the search engine database. Sure, your site may be listed, in short order but it will take additional time to gain prominence in the search engine rankings (SERPs).

Also, some search engine optimization firms will guarantee newbies high-ranking results on low-traffic keyword phrases that have little competition in the search engines. If you are an SEO company who is not concerned about your customer, this approach makes sense. There are fewer high-traffic keywords than low-traffic keywords and the high-traffic keywords generally have much more competition.

There is an SEO scam on the Internet that consumers need to be aware of called the “I’ll host your optimized pages” scam. In the “I’ll host your optimized pages” scam you do not have control of your own webpages and basically pay ransom to the host company on an ongoing basis. Once you miss a payment your webpages may disappear or the optimization you had previous paid for will be wiped clean.

Have you been unfortunate enough to receive the SEO spam scam? This is the email scam that starts out, “I’ve noticed you are not listed on some search engines.” You may have gotten this email even though you are listed on the front page on all of the major search engines. First, any reputable SEO company will not spam you to gain business. The first quest of any SEO company is to try to get to the top of the search engines (or deliver traffic), not send out spam. Second, this email is not specific to you or your company. Like all spam, the spammers send out thousands of emails hoping a small percentage pay off for big profits. Ethical website optimization includes no cloaking, no deceptive practices and no spamming.

In addition, watch out for companies that call themselves “black hat” SEO’s. Like in the old western movies, those wearing black hats were the bad guys and those wearing white hats were the good guys. So, black hat SEO’s use underhanded methods that may initially get your website good rankings (and give them your good money) but will eventually result in your website being penalized or banned.

This list is not comprehensive so it is a good idea to ask your SEO company questions upfront and that you receive answers to your satisfaction before you jump onboard. Also, if you have had any bad experiences with some SEO companies not covered here, please send us an email so that we may include what to watch out for in this section and warn other consumers.

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