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Yahoo is not the Internet Powerhouse that it used to be. Although the second largest human-edited search directory (DMOZ.org is first), Yahoo has been losing the search wars to Google for years. Yahoo is now owned by Microsoft and shares some features with Bing.

A Little History

In order to stop the backslide and gain back some market share, Yahoo had switched over to the Overture search technology and Inktomi search technology (cutting ties with Google). Yahoo had implemented the Overture Site Match program which spyders a site and displays the listing in the main body of the Yahoo search results. With the Overture Site Match program, website would also be listed with Alta Vista, Alltheweb and About.

Yahoo still offers its Yahoo! Express program where a fee is paid for inclusion into the Yahoo directory. In the Yahoo! Express program, websites are reviewed by a human-editor who may rewrite the site’s title and / or description when including it in the directory and this new information will also appear in the search results as well.

Another service Yahoo offers is the pay-for-performance listings, which reside on top of the main listings when viewing the search results. These listings appear in the sponsored search results listings at the top of the page. Position in the pay-for-performance listings are determined by the bidding on specific keywords.

For non-commercial sites Yahoo still gives the option of free inclusion to its site. One must still sign up for a Yahoo account, but the process is pretty painless.

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