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Small businesses in La Habra, CA
Small businesses in La Habra, CA that need SEO – Copyright © 2017 SEO First


Do you want to have your website ranked in the top of Google, Bing and Yahoo for the type of services you offer in La Habra, California but you have no idea how to go about it? Does all the jargon like “link-building,” “social proof” and “SEO” have you confused? If so, you’ve landed in the right spot. This page will focus on the basics involved in search engine optimization (SEO) as well as the terminology typically used so that you can understand what it takes to have a website that is truly optimized for best results.

First I think it’s best to review the fundamentals of how search engines go about the task of ranking websites and specifically what determines where sites are ranked. It’s fairly obvious that humans are not the ones ranking each and every website. Tiny programs, referred to as “spiders” or “bots,” actually crawl websites and algorithms are tasked with ranking sites in the search engines.

These spiders crawl through websites looking for the kind of information they need, including specific keywords that are relevant to the site, so they can rank it according to specific search criteria. These spiders or bots cannot see images, which means they only rely on what’s written in the headings, the basic content and in the various links appearing on the site. Links are routinely embedded in articles, plus there are links that point back from other sites.

More small businesses in La Habra, CA
More small businesses in La Habra, CA that need SEO – Copyright © 2017 SEO First


SEO is one aspect of an overall online marketing strategy that involves developing an effective digital environment, making it easy for the spiders to crawl through the web content to give the site the highest rank possible for the most relevant keywords like “La Habra + Your Business.” There are two basic categories of SEO:

  1. On-site optimization
  2. Off-site optimization

Both are essential if your website is going to rank in the top 10 spots, which appear on the first page of Google, Bing and Yahoo for the keyword(s) being searched.

These categories are quite broad, but when combined they create the optimum environment for the search engines to find the information they need in ranking the site. When everything is done right, a website or a specific web page can be highly ranked for specific keywords and keyword phrases.

The first step in properly ranking a website is to tackle on-site SEO. This means going through every word of content found on the site and making sure that it contains all the needed elements that the spiders and algorithms use in determining its ranking.

La Habra, CA in 1927
La Habra, CA in 1927 (at a time when SEO didn’t exist yet)


This is just a small portion of what SEO First does for companies of all sizes in La Habra, CA (back in the old days, such as the photo above, businesses never even knew SEO would be a ‘thing’ in the future). Our SEO experts will analyze your website to let you know what we recommend to ensure that it is optimized to its fullest.

Our goal is to ensure that your target audience in La Habra can easily find your site using the keywords that are most relevant to your business. The goal is to increase organic web traffic going to your site (plus foot traffic and your phone ringing). And if you need a new website or a new web design, we’ll build one for you as well.

So, when looking for La Habra SEO Expert Services be sure to give SEO First a call or email.

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