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Top rate search engine optimization services is what SEO First is all about. We offer a wide variety of services so that your website will not only be found in the search engines but also achieve top rankings and more traffic as well. And more traffic means more customers, more repeat customers, more sales and a blacker bottom line.

Our search engine optimization services include the latest white hat technologies and support services.

A few of our services include: website analysis, keyword research, web usability, creating meta tags, SEO copywriting, link building, methods of measuring success and consulting services. For a full list of our services see our SEO Pricing page.

Complete Website Analysis

The first course of action that we do with any new customer’s website is to complete an SEO Audit of the site. The audit will quickly uncover aspects of the website that are performing well along with those items that are under-performing. And, yes, from the get-go you will receive a copy of this report. Many other SEO firms will charge $500+ for an SEO audit but we will give it to you gratis as part of our services.

Keyword Research

We will conduct thorough research and analysis on current keywords, identify new potential keywords and pinpoint the competition for these keywords. The three keys for keyword research are: popularity, competition and convertibility. We optimize for all of these keys.

Web Usability

We offer premium analysis in four areas of web usability: design, navigation, spiderability and convertibility. We offer analysis from both the visitor standpoint and the search engine robot standpoint. We determine if your web design is hindering performance, if navigation is less than optimal, if the website is not spider (robot) friendly and if the website helps or hinders the convertibility from visitors to sales.

Creating Titles & Meta Tags

Our experienced SEO writers, will write focused, relevant titles, descriptions and keyword tags for your website. Google likes this information presented in a certain way, so we deliver the meta tags just the way they want it.

SEO Copywriting

Our professional SEO copywriters know precisely how to write keyword-rich, content rich text. Our services include rewriting current text in a not-so-obvious, but keyword-rich manner. We will also write, from scratch, as needed for your visitors and for the search engine robots.

Link-Building Campaigns

We strive for quality over quantity when doing the link-building portion of the SEO process. The reasons for this are two-fold including relevancy and a creating a natural and varied link profile. It’s no secret that highly relevant links are preferable to spammy links and we provide the highest quality links at the lowest cost possible.

Some companies use the terms “link wheel” or “link pyramid” when it comes to describing the technique of acquiring a natural and varied link profile for one’s website. What this simply means is acquiring relevant links from many different sources such as social bookmarking, social media, directories, websites, blogs, etc. Our emphasis is always on quality, using only white hat methods that will not incur any Google penalties.

Measuring Success

Once on-page optimization and link building have been performed, it is now time to start measuring success of our SEO services. As is the industry standard, it must be noted that most likely your website will not see immediate results, and those companies who do promise this are blowing smoke.

So, in the days and weeks ahead, as your pages rise in the search engines what can you do to start gauging success? We will send you regular search engine ranking reports that show where your website is ranking and for which keyword phrases. The report also outlines all of the SEO work that has been recently completed. And if desired, we can set you up with Google Analytics so that you can monitor your website’s traffic any time you wish.

Technical Support Package

We offer excellent support services (which is why we have clients that have been with us over 10 years) that includes phone and email support. If you have an issue, just call or email us and if we are not immediately available, we will get back to you quickly.

More Information

For more information call us at: (909) 810-1616

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