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Topsy Tweets Are Forever Sleek

Twitter Tweeters soon learn the shortcomings of the search feature in this popular social media destination. Do a few random searches on Twitter and you’ll soon find not what you’re looking for but rather results that are akin to those that may have been served up from one of the search engines in the 1990’s (the ones that didn’t make it).

Now, in steps an Internet company called Topsy, which fills the gap in Twitter searches. While the Fail Whale falls short, the Topsy search engine delivers relevant Twitter results. In fact, Topsy will deliver every Tweet ever uttered in 140 characters or less since Twitter began in 2006. That’s about 425 billion chunks of content for you and me.

Now, if you want to see something really cool, just type in “from:username” and you can check the history of your own tweets or the tweets of others. Of course you’ll also have to click on a date range on the top left panel, but that’s a no brainer. While Twitter is cool, it’s easy to see how one goes topsy turvy over Topsy, too.







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